How Lisa Williams Turned In Her Two Weeks Notice as a Stepmom, became the CEO of her own life, how it changed her marriage, and her relationship with her Stepchild!

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  1. Loved this episode. I am not a stepmother, but it helps to know what a stepmother or stepfather may feel and go through. Good to know for my further or information I can pass on. Irene Tucker

    • Thank you yes it’s quite the journey! Lisa is a fantastic Stepmom who found her footing and is enjoying the ride a lot more now than previously as discussed in this episode. I think it’s fantastic that you are gaining information for sharing, thank you again and I’d love for you to share the podcast, and leave a review. If there is anything I can do to assist in any way with questions or simply just information, let me know!

      Stepdad in service

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