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Tim Watson – Up & At ‘Em

Sept. 23, 2015

The undeniable groovatiude on this both jammin’ and silky gem from c-jazz pianist/keyboardist Tim Watson begins the moment you unleash tTim Watsonhis baby on your CD or mp3 player. Cool, funky, grasping, melodic, and infectious are all adjectives that came to mind as I checked out this classy demonstration of talent. Few instruments capture my attention like a well-played piano or keyboard, even though my own personal strength was guitar in earlier times. There is a “come hither” sophisticated yet funky quality about compositions created on piano/keyboard in c-jazz, and Watson proves it on his latest release Up & At ‘Em.

The album, after the kickin’ lead and title track, takes one off in various smooth directions with tunes like the soothing “Sumthin’ Sumthin’,” the finger-snapping and catchy “The Good Life.” Those are followed by the light & airy “Evolution” and “Coffee With Dad ‘Zion’s Time’,” the hybrid meshing of solid jazz with a touch of African mystique and exoticism with “Ancestors,” and the light-steppin’ but up-tempo “Let Me Show You the Way to Go” with some impressive vocals topping it off. Oh, there’s much more listening treats ahead for you on this one, including back-to-back up-tempo, heavier steppin’ tracks like “When Marie Smiles” and “Making Moves.”

Further enhancing these fine tracks are the contributions of more than a handful of notable artists who know smooth and groove quite well, including flautists Kim Scott, Ragan Whiteside, and Dwayne Kerr; saxophonists Phil Denny, Pamela (“The Saxtress”) Williams, Dave Stewart, and Jeanette Harris; six different bassists; drummer PJ Spraggins; and keyboardist Oli Silk, just to name a few.

Truly an album to allow your soul to indulge in the pleasures of really well-massaged, well-produced jazz. – Ronald Jackson


Customer Reviews

I’m SOOO Glad he’s back!


Up & At 'Em, Tim Watson

If this single is any indication of how good the cd will be, I’m ALL in!!!

Great music still lives

Album is awesome, from track one until the end. I can play it all the way through!

Well Worth the Wait!

It’s been well worth the wait! TIM WATSON’S newest project, “Up & At ‘Em” has just been released as his latest gift to lovers of Smooth Jazz! For those who have not experienced Mr. Watson’s jazz stylings, then this is a great opportunity to sample his cool display of solid, yet versatile instrumentations.

“Evolution” showcases how Watson’s ear creatively opens up to simply that–the melodic evolution of Jazz itself. “Let me Show You the Way to Go” smoothly salutes MJ/The Jacksons with sweet, breezy vocals blended with his bold & easy journey across each key. Both “Coffee with Dad/Zion’s Time”

& “Ancestors” are warm in musical color, relative in their rhythms & are harmonically intimate.

I wish that the lengths of the cuts were longer (shows that Metheny & Glasper are also in my collections), but there are other great highlights on this project, but you’ll have to check them out for yourself. As a lover of all forms & flavors of Jazz Music, this entire project is definitely Watson’s best & reveals his own “Evolution” as a genuine Smooth Jazz artist!

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