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The Good, Bad & The Ugly

Connecting With Your Stepchildren PT4 PT 4 of a 5 part mini series on Connecting With Your Stepchildren Tim reveals his number 1 tool for adolescent connection. Why it’s important to share ‘The Good, The Bad & The Ugly’ parts of our lives as Stepparents. PT 4 of a 5 part mini series on Connecting […]

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Connecting With Your Stepchildren

Connecting With Your Stepchildren Plays More of a Role In Overall Success Than You Might Think. In This Episode I’ll Share Some of My Failures and Talk About How I Recovered and How YOU Can Avoid These Same Mistakes.

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Bio Parent Conflict!

With Blended Family Coach and Author Naja Hall. Dealing with conflict in a Blended home from Ex Spouses and Bio Parents is NO JOKE! That’s why I’ve asked one of the best in the biz to share some real life tips on how to do just that! Naja Hall spends some time with me today, […]

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Who is Tim Watson?

Who am I? in this episode I’ll open my home and life up to you a bit more. I’ll also share a little more on why I started Blendcredible in the 1st place. I mean who would want to listen to someone they know absolutely nothing about right? Exactly! Blendcredible Podcast Show Notes – Podcast […]

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