Percentage of Blended Family Households in the U.S. 2019
Independent Research Institute for American Values 57%
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Tim Watson
Blendcredible Founder

Here’s where I almost lost my way.

And Found Blendcredible In The Process.

Amid creating Blendcredible I noticed what I thought to be a lack of ‘true depth’ within the site and its resources. 

I mean I’d seen the other blended family sites, their programs, and books the certifications of those who ran them and I got intimidated.

I felt as though the cause for which I birthed Blendcredible was perhaps not enough?

Perhaps Stepparents really ‘didn’t’ want to be publicly appreciated and celebrated like I originally thought? 

Thoughts like “maybe I needed to go ‘deep’ and deal with the origin of resistance, peel back the layers of self-preservation with opened ended questions?” 

Or should I re-hash the regurgitated text of disengagement within the blended family home or dissect the neurological reactions to the unknown?”

I started to feel like my message of celebration and encouragement were cheap sleight-of-hand tricks, something to place a bid for a seat in the coveted ‘blended family’ professional space.

Then it happened, I stopped building.  I stopped preparing my message of hope and encouragement.

Instead I started preparing written dissertations full of lofty words and deep diagnosis with sited credits and complex index layouts. 

This approach would surely give me the ‘guru credit’ needed to be someone with something to offer the community!   After all, It’s what I saw other’s doing/being, and I felt it would be my entrance into ‘the field as well’.

As I completed my 1st chapter “oh yes I was even developing a course”! 

I realized my heart wasn’t in this type of approach it at all.

As I continued reading various Facebook post and Instagram post day after day of Stepmoms and Stepdads at breaking points within their perspective homes I was moved! 

No, actually those post broke my heart and I’d find myself thinking about each of those Stepparents for days afterwards.

Advice and resources are abundant and they have access to them but for whatever reason needed something more, I could read it in their post, feel it in the energy their words released.

After replying to a few of the post with nothing more than encouragement, empowerment or motivation I felt new, like it had given me fresh air to breathe it was so surreal!

Not too long afterwards I’d register my IG account, start a FB page, and begin my Blendcredible FB (closed group), I’d also build what is now the official Blendcredible website.

I’ve never been clearer what my message is and what my experiences over the years as a Stepparent are meant for.

Blendcredible is a charging station for Stepparents, Superpower for Blended Families and that is its message, redefining the Step-parenting narrative is it’s purpose and I won’t veer from it.

I almost lost my way—‘almost’.

Tim Watson

#host | #owner | #creative

You’re not just a Stepparent, you are an intricate part of a complexed unit. Your role is so vital that without it, willing families would miss the opportunity to try again. 

Tim Watson: Blendcredible Founder & fellow Stepparent.  

Welcome to the tightest frat in Parenthood baby! #stepparents



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