Category: Step Parenting / Author: Tim Watson

These are just a few of the thoughts I beat myself up with over the past few months as I revamped some things in my life and the Blendcredile brand.

When I started Blendcredible, I did so from a place of purpose, a desire to add positive value to a community that until recently has been under appreciated, undernourished, underrated, and under the parental radar since the beginning of our ‘category’.

One year ago I created my 1st Instagram account.   I dedicated this account to Step Parents & Blended Families. The purpose of Blendcredible was and still is to add positive energy to our community.

Blendcredible’s core mission is to redesign the step-parenting narrative by encouragement, service, empathy and celebration.

Once I saw Blendcredible’s traction gain momentum, I took a personal inventory of my life, my motives and asked myself some hard questions.

If I was to serve the Step-parenting community to the degree, you deserve to be served I’d have to do so from the purest places of my experience.

That meant making sure my personal life as a Stepdad was in order (it was good but I needed it to be better than just ‘good’) I needed to sit and talk with my Wife, and our children.

I needed them to be okay with what was taking place regarding Blendcredible and all it could be.

I needed to make a few phone calls to some people I felt I’d not been the best partner to. Those areas were Music, Business, Personal and Self related.

I needed to give Blendcredible some space to breathe without me, to see if after sometime away the pulling in my gut to serve and build something like this was still there.

It was! But only this time I’d build it from a place of pure energy, demanding the best parts of me and everything that means.

I love being a Stepparent, I love serving YOU and your families. I value your decision to Step-up and face uncertainties for the sake of little humans who don’t have an obligation to call you ‘mom’ or ‘dad’. Yet the desire to treat them as your own ‘as much as is within you to do’ still rises to the forefront of your being.


If I would do this, it had to start with the purest of intent, the best of myself, and the deepest part’s of me. The Step-parenting community deserves nothing less, and I would offer nothing less than what my convictions were telling me you were worthy of.

So, please accept my apologies for the abrupt departure – I just needed to be sure what we build here together is founded on the purest of intent, the energy HAD to be right.

The motive HAD to be pure, and the brand MUST be built on the premise of service from the deepest parts of my experiences.

Blendcredible never died, it did however experience a ‘core check’ and a re-alignment. New Vision | New Chapter | Same Focus… Step Parents and Blended Families.

~ Tim Watson Blendcredible Founder & Fellow Step Parent.

I’m back and together you and I will change the Step-parenting narrative as we know it!

Thank you for believing in yourself enough to see the value in what Blendcredible can be to our community.

Here to Encourage, Inspire, & Celebrate With You

Tim Watson