Right Here, Right Now!

Category: Step Parenting / Author: Tim Watson

Right here, right now we need to understand that no other person is capable of being who you are to your blended family. Sure another person could be a Stepmom or Stepdad in the same home but neither would contribute what you do the way ‘you do it’!

The self imposed pressure we add to ourselves is inSANE! Now add all these cute cliche’s, matching ensemble family photo’s and the seemingly incredibly well matched couples with the cutest kids ever and you’ve just increased this same pressure 100 fold.

Right here, right now, I’m going to need you to STOP IT!

Stop viewing others more capable than yourself of being the Step-Parent you were called to be in your own home.

Stop sabotaging that great idea or spontaneous desire to tickle your Stepchildren, write a quick note and post it on the wall, or make that special dinner – stop second guessing these beautiful sparks of engagement. Just do them!

Right here, right now, look at yourself in the mirror or grab that cell phone and flip that camera over so you can see what I see. A selfless, loving, huge spirited and caring person who loves their spouse so much that they’ve challenged themselves beyond what they’ve imagined married life would be.

Right here, right now, I commit my experiences to you, mistakes and all so that you don’t have to take this journey alone.

2020 is here – and I am ready to crush it! But wouldn’t be have as fun if you weren’t along on the journey with me 🙂

You ready? Let’s get it!