Who am I? in this episode I’ll open my home and life up to you a bit more. I’ll also share a little more on why I started Blendcredible in the 1st place. I mean who would want to listen to someone they know absolutely nothing about right? Exactly!

Blendcredible Podcast

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Podcast Summary:

In this episode, we talk about who our host, Tim Watson is. Tim has 4 step children and 1 biological son from 2 marriages. And this podcast is dedicated to parents and stepparents, like you, who have blended families. Tune in to know more about our host, and our podcast.

Podcast Show Notes:

  • 00:12 – Welcome to the Blendcredible Podcast
  • 01:13 – Our host, Tim has 4 stepchildren and 1 biological son
    • 2 marriages
    • Mistakes from the past made him a better stepdad
  • 01:53 – 3 teenager stepkids are with him now
  • 02:31 – This podcast is for YOU, stepparents!
  • 03:53 – Follow Tim on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook
  • 04:25 – We’d love to hear from you! For any questions and feedback, check out Blendcredible.com

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