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EP 26 The Power of Influence With Naja Hall

How does your presence in the home affect your Stepchildren? What should we look out for as Stepparents when it comes to influencing a child under our care who doesn’t belong to us biologically but is just as much a part of our lives than perhaps our own biological children (if you have them)? Today […]

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A Tour Through The VIP STEPMOM Exclusive Membership With Naja Hall

Hey there, Tim from Blendcredible here. I recently sat down with my colleague, Naja Hall about www.VIPStepmom.com. As  MasterStepfamily Coach, writer and blended family advocate, Naja has become one of the most recognized faces in the stepfamily niche. During our recent chat, she gifted all of my audience 30% off a membership to her exclusive community. […]

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Bio Parent Conflict!

With Blended Family Coach and Author Naja Hall. Dealing with conflict in a Blended home from Ex Spouses and Bio Parents is NO JOKE! That’s why I’ve asked one of the best in the biz to share some real life tips on how to do just that! Naja Hall spends some time with me today, […]

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